Sponsored Content Package Digital Ad Specifications

Required Assets
Copywriting assets are needed if you are providing your own story fully written.
  • Headline
    5-10 words long
  • Subtitle
    Maximum length is 150 characters including spaces
  • Content
    300-700 words
  • Images or Video
    At least one image for standard article format, up to 10 images for slideshow format, or video file or video embed code for an article with video
Technical Requirements
  • Image Size
    • Minimum size is 1200x800 at 72DPI
    • Maximum size is 5000x5000 at 72DPI
  • Image format: JPEG in RGB
    Images must not contain logos or text
  • Each image must include a caption and a photo credit
    200 characters max for captions
  • Video file common formats: MP4, MOV, WMV, AVI, and FLV
    All videos will be uploaded to Vimeo and will be converted to square pixels. Regardless of format, all videos will be displayed at the correct aspect ratio.
Design Recommendations
  • Headlines should describe the content of the article, build interest, and entice readers to click. The headline should make sense out of context.
  • Subtitles should be complete sentences, ending in a period
    Subtitles should not repeat words from the headline.
  • Content may include links and basic formatting
    bold, italic, bulleted or ordered lists, and sub-headings
  • Embedded links include UTM parameters or other campaign tracking codes
  • Maximum length 1000 words
  • Image ratios between 1:1 and 3:2 are recommended; thumbnails may be cropped on the website or in email templates

Newsletter Native Ads

Required Elements
  • Headline/Subhead
    Headline / Subhead will be pulled from Sponsored Content Article
  • Image
    Image will be pulled from main image for Sponsored Content article

Native Display Ads

Required Assets
  • Headline/Subhead
    Native Ads will utilize the Sponsored Content Article headline and subhead unless otherwise noted.
  • Image
    Native Ads will utilize the main image from the Sponsored Content Article unless otherwise noted.